Our Holistic Strategy

At Jail to Jobs, we have designed innovative social programs built around our holistic strategy to support the youthful offender who wants to change their life.​ Our youth are mentored by our staff of Directors and Supervisors who have experienced many of the same difficulties our youth are facing. After graduation from the Jail to Jobs‘ program, our youth have learned new skills for gainful employment, are empowered with new strategies for making good decisions and built up a support system to keep transforming their lives to reach their true potential.

Jail to Jobs provides paid job training programs that teach our youth the skills that enable them to get and keep a quality job!

At Salt Kitchen we strive to teach our students how to create delicious Farm to Table meals utilizing ingredients directly from our Texas farms, we do our part to help our economy along with assisting our guests to eat healthy sustainable cuisine prepared by our future chefs. At Salt Kitchen we believe in second chances and we believe our students will cook you and your team or family a meal you’ll never forget. Thank you kindly for giving us a chance to give back.

If you live in a community with violence, it affects your life every day. You want to do something about the violence. At the same time, you want the people involved to get help. You believe that solutions come from within the community and above all, you want the approach you use to work.

We pay you to participate in our job training programs.

If you have been in trouble in the past, are under 25 years old, and you are ready for a change, we want to help you have a better future.

  • We pay you while you learn skills on-the-job and we help you get a higher paying job when you are ready.
  • ​Our supervisors and most of our staff have been incarcerated and understand your struggles first hand.
  • ​We help guide you in all parts of your life.
  • ​We hook you up with resources for food, housing, IDs, drivers license, clothes, counseling and whatever else you need.