The Problem

Recidivism among today's youthful offenders is at an appalling 75%, and 95% of those same youth have experienced significant trauma in their life. 

The Solution

Recidivism and trauma are only combated by strategic support from people that understand the problem and care about the offender. Jail to Jobs employs a holistic approach to implementing this solution.  

11 Year Impact

What is our holistic strategy?



Our youth's physical needs must be met. We provide the food, clothing, and hygiene required to be successful.

Workforce Development

We provide job training programs for youthful offenders, empowering them to get and keep a quality job.

Character Development

We teach our youth, patience, integrity, hard work, and other traits so that they will be ready for every opportunity.

Spiritual Development

In-facility Bible studies and inner peace help develop a foundation for success. We provide opportunities to each of our youth.

Jail to Jobs created a support system that actively seeks out youthful offenders to help them succeed.  We meet our youth in jail, juvenile detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, school, probation departments,  through judge referrals, and other strategic partners.

Once a youth graduates from Jail to Jobs, we assist them in getting quality, full-time employment - a job that they can feel proud of and advance in.  

In order for a youthful offender to break the cycle of recidivism, proactive support needs to be in place.  Many of us are born into support systems that can accommodate this need, but the vast majority of our youth were not.  

Most of our staff were formerly incarcerated themselves and can easily empathize and relate to our youth.  We use employment-based mentoring in our job training program as a way to inspire and teach success.  Being able to spend all day with the youth helps influence them in a positive and impactful way.  We do all this while paying the youth a wage. We also provide trauma-informed case management to help them navigate the complexities of being a youthful offender. 

Meals To Go

Support Jail To Jobs, and feed your family all at the same time.

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LaVina Webb

Juvenile Probation Officer

"The juveniles I referred to the program have received practical and functional life skills training and job preparation, and become effective members of society by living to their full potential"

Anna Jackson

APD Officer

"Providing mentoring, guidance, and life skills to our youth is exactly what is needed. I truly believe in the mission of Jail to Jobs. Their outreach is impacting the entire community of Travis County and beyond."

Christian Vaquero

J2J Participant

"Jail To Jobs changed my life.  Eddie was there for me when I needed him.  I now have a career and a future."

Jail To Jobs  Empowers  Youthful Offenders all Across Texas

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