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Est. 2009

Nationally, upon release from jail an appalling 75% of offenders go back to jail.

Upon release from jail and completion of the Jail to Jobs program, less than 15% go back to jail.

We've served 7,773 meals to our youth

Jail to Jobs, a group dedicated to empowering the youth, recognizes poverty as the most significant factor contributing to recidivism. Shockingly, 1 out of 6 young people across the nation live in poverty. 4 out of 6 Jail to Job youth are also affected by this unfortunate reality.

With our FOUR accessible locations, we are committed to serving the population of two counties. As an organization, we have already provided an impressive 7,773 meals to support these young individuals.

80% of participants successfully complete the Jail to Jobs program

Jail to Jobs is dedicated to promoting values such as honesty, integrity, self-control, generosity, patience, and hard work, which lay the foundation for increased well-being and success. With a completion rate of 80% among participants, our initiative empowers individuals to transition from incarceration to gainful employment and self-sufficiency, fostering positive life transformations. Join us on this journey towards a brighter future.

We have employed 623 youth

27% of an estimated five million ex-offenders nationwide are unemployed (2017) however results show that formerly incarcerated people want to work. with the help of our 35 hiring/subcontracting partners we have employed 623 youth. Together, we are breaking barriers and fostering a brighter future.

1811 youths gave their lives to Jesus Christ

Jail to Jobs, with the support of over 50 local churches, has offered 5,667 Bible Studies, leading to 1811 youths giving their lives to Jesus Christ. This acquisition of spiritual coping skills not only improves the quality of life but also decreases recidivism.

"If it wasn’t for Jail to Jobs, I would probably be dead."

- Gisselle


"Jail to Jobs always has my back, no matter what!"

- Beto


"Jail to Jobs changed my life. Eddie was there for me when I needed him. I now have a career and a future."

- Christian


"Jail to Jobs has helped me face the truth in my life and to not keep running away from my past. I was coming from a place of hurt and darkness, but now I am in a vibrant place filled with light — Jail to Jobs illuminated me — and now I see myself."

- Janett


"I just needed someone to help me get through a tough time, and Jail to Jobs was there for me."

- Jhevin


"Jail to Jobs got me my first paycheck ever!"

- Chandler


"All you need is a crack in the door to clear the darkness in a room...that is Jail to Jobs."

- Blake


"Jail to Jobs helped me be in a better place. They gave me more faith and happiness and pushed me to not go back to negativity that always brought me down."

- Litzy


"Jail to Jobs gave me more confidence to be someone and helped me find the truth about myself. They opened up more opportunities for me to do better in life."

- Sidney


"Jail to Jobs has kept me sheltered, alive and pushing when I gave up on life."

- Joseph


"This program has helped me reach my goals by giving me a life-changing experience."

- Darnell

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Cost Comparison

Jail Cost


According to the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Uniform Cost Report

Jail to jobs Cost


tax savings

In 2020 we helped transform the lives of

100 youths

For every 100 youths we work with, there is an annual tax savings of

$4.4 million