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Smart Hub is the community mobility hub for the Georgian Acres neighborhood. This pilot project was developed to solve the problem of living in a transit desert, an area generally characterized by limited public transportation options and possibly poor bike, sidewalk, or road infrastructure. While a resident may live a half-mile from the North Lamar Transit Center, because of major roadway barriers, many are forced to walk under bridges, through construction zones, across busy roads, and long distances.  Fortunately, The National Science Foundation has provided a $1 million grant to the University of Texas to fund a solution in the form of a community mobility hub.

Through this project, Jail to Jobs is creating opportunities for youth in new industries such as transportation, dispatch, and maintenance. We can get youth away from drugs, crime, and the realities of their environment and bring them to a place where they can grow into leaders and develop skills for a better future. The SmartHUB Project is another avenue to expand the workforce for these youth and teach them new skill sets that they can carry into future employment opportunities.


Partnering with the University of Texas at Austin and the City of Austin, Jail to Jobs is operating this free shuttle service near our East Powell Lane location. Jail to Jobs’ participation provides employment opportunities in dispatching and driving two shuttle vans along with maintenance for low-cost Lime e-scooters and e-bikes, and maintenance of the SmartHub site which includes covered seating, wifi, solar-powered lighting and a neighborhood communication board. Capitol Metro graciously donated the vans and certified our drivers through their driving program. The vans have the capability to carry wheelchairs and electric scooters.

Smart Hub is so much more than just giving a ride. It opens the door to options for our youth and for the community. The ability to maintain consistent employment, the freedom to run errands as needed, the opportunity to attend doctor appointments when sick, and the comfort in knowing that their safety is the priority during their travels is priceless. 

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