"I like how they don't judge me, they just help." Messiah

"Jail To Jobs always has my back, no matter what!"  Beto

"This program has helped me reach my goals by giving me a life changing experience."  Darnell

"All you need is a crack in the door to clear tha darkness in a room...that is Jail to Jobs."  Blake

"Jail to Jobs not only helps young men and women understand their purpose but they teach them what their purpose is in Jesus Christ."  Chaplain Claypool Travis County Jail

"If it wasn't for Jail to Jobs I would probably be dead." Gissellle

"It's really cool knowing that the

staff have all been to prison."  Tony

"Jail to Jobs is innovative and revolutionary in their approach at ending recidivism."  Kelly Belz 

"I've know Eddie and Jeremias for years now, and they are like family to me."  Miguel

"I was one of the first Jail to Jobs homies, and I can say they will be there for you for years."  Seth

"Jail to Jobs got me my first paycheck ever!" Brian

"I was in the Academy and they helped me learn how to pass an interview, and they paid me!"  Chandler

"I can't believe how happy I am to have a piece of paper"  Israel

"They are really good at speaking the truth to the youth." O.G. Williams

"Jail to Jobs changed my life.  Eddie was there for me when I needed him.  I now have a career and a future."  Christian

"I just needed someone to help me get through a tough time, and Jail to Jobs was there for me."  Jhevin

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