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1150 S. Bell Blvd

Cedar Park, TX 78613

Tel: 512-619-8237


Chris Haskins

Founder: "I love finding and developing heroes in the most unlikely places."

Kim Haskins

Founder: "I enjoy bringing unity, hope and solutions to a community issue." 

Lara Baliff

Office Manager:  "Life changing ministry, ridiculously awesome co-workers/family, working to be a part of the solution...I LOVE my job."

Eddie Franz

Williamson County Director:  "I can't believe I get to do this for a living.  The spark you see in our youth's eyes when they realize their true value is indescribable."

Jeremias Cooper

Travis County Director:  "Working with our youth has to be the coolest thing I could have ever decided to do!"

Able Lopez

Supervisor  "Finding your purpose in life is the biggest blessing.  It takes a knucklehead to reach a knucklehead, and that's just the start."

Saulo Cooper

Chef and Chaplain:  "I believe that we should always grow, and grow in all ways. Boom."

Jordan Hope

Trauma Informed Case Manager:  Jordan is our trauma informed case manager. She works one on one with kids that need extra love and support.

Michael Salazar

Program Supervisor:  To give someone an opportunity shakes the hardness of the heart as it reflects God's grace on not just the youth but all of us as well. I’m grateful to be a part of it

Who's Next?

If you are interested in becoming the next smiling face in this organization, click the link below and contact us directly.  We are currently not looking for employees but will consider any application. 

Jail To Jobs cannot be successful without a great team working together to impact the youth we serve.  Each team member represents 1 piece of the puzzle.  We are a family that serves together, that plays together and that succeeds together.  We are passionate about the youth we serve.  We have seen the struggles this world has to offer and we know that to overcome the struggles holistic support is needed. 

We are excited to be a part of our youth's support and success.