Our board members use their life experiences to help lead our organization in helping youth coming out of jail.  They want to help build a bridge of support leading from jail to a job.  Having a job as soon as you get out of jail greatly increases your chances of breaking the cycle of recidivism.  They teach in our jail to jobs Academy, they mentor our youth in one on one meetings, and they help support and fund the programming. If a youth needs a job but has a felony jail to jobs will help them get a full-time job. 

“Leadership is about finding your unique blueprint and expressing that courageously, confidently, and vulnerably.”

Cory Kruse

Board Chair

President, Novotus

Chris Haskins

Founder, Jail to Jobs

Dan Murphy

Owner, Foundation Auto Repair

Wade Lombard

Owner, Square Cow Moovers

Dan Clarke

CEO, Distinct Capital Group

Scott Ewell

President, Culhane Premier Properties

Joe Lychner

Managing Director,

Quorum Software

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