Job Training Program


Each of our youth is different, and because of that, Jail to Jobs uses different and diverse programming to adequately meet their needs.  Below is a list of current Jail to Jobs programming.  We have business partners in each of these fields willing to hire our graduates.  Within one month of their release, our youth can have an opportunity to work for a business that offers a career and not just a "job."

Food Cooked with Love

Chef Saulo Cooper trains our youth in the culinary arts while transforming the lives of our youth.

More Than One Way To Transform

We have many different opportunities for our youth to learn all kinds of construction skills.

Shaping Lives and Lawns

Our landscape program allows youth to immediately start working as soon as they get out of lockup.

Give Back And Get Help

If you have a project around the house or your property that needs a lot of hands, hire our youth!

Community Working Together

Our innovative city contract allows our youth to work for the City, something that inspires pride in their work.

Sanding Off the Rough Edges

We take old wood that has been torn down and discarded and transform it into something remarkable.


While the youth are in our program they receive employment-based mentoring.  The youth we serve have all faced trauma in their lives.  We support them holistically.  We want to be there when they succeed in transitioning from jail to a quality job. 

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