In-Facility Outreach

They are just kids

Jail to Jobs visits with the youth 1-on-1 weekly.  We also offer quarterly events in the detention center for a large group. 

Drugs are bad

Many of our youth struggle with addiction and need us while they are going through rehab.

This is real

Since Jail to Jobs serves offenders up to 24 years old,  we provide weekly outreach in Travis and Williamson county jails.

School spirit

We speak to youth before they get too far down the road of addiction and crime.

Last chance

JJAEP is the last stop for our youth before they are locked-up.  We do periodic outreach events in both Williamson and Travis County.

Cause why not

Jail to Jobs also performs homeless outreach to support those living on the street.

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Contact Us

1150 S. Bell Blvd

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Tel: 737-234-JOBS

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